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Ryan Letterly

Owner / Co-Founder / Archeologist

Ryan developed his love of the outdoors growing up on a small dairy farm in western Wisconsin. In this setting he explored the woods, learned how to trout fish, and began looking for arrowheads. At age 6 he found his first one; by the age of 18, he had found several hundred arrowheads and artifacts in the Driftless area, most of which were on the family farm. This inspired him to go on to college and pursue a career in archaeology. He is now a contract archaeologist with over 20 years’ experience and currently works as an archaeological field supervisor for several CRM firms/companies in the Upper Midwest and Great Plains. To see his publications, click here.

Ryan specializes in raw material sourcing, soil interpretation, and projectile point identification. He loves primitive camping, flintknapping, foraging for wild edibles, spelunking, stargazing, and drinking coffee. Providing his guests with archaeological and geological knowledge of the Driftless area while promoting an appreciation for nature is his ultimate goal.


Owner / Co-Founder / Athlete

Ryan and his family have deep roots within Wisconsin's Driftless region. At an early age, he developed a passion and respect for the surrounding bluffs, rivers, and valleys that made up his home. Ryan's upbeat personality and knack for adventure have been driving factors for success later in his life. A four time Ironman finisher, avid cyclist, mountain biker, and hiker, you could say that he likes to live life to the fullest! Ryan's athletic talents make him the perfect adventure guide for those who are looking for an extreme time.


His motivation and drive extends to others too, as he loves to encourage others to be their best. "Helping people meet their health and fitness goals, one adventure at a time" is a personal mantra of his. Other fun facts, Ryan enjoys pepperoni pizza and a good local IPA beer. Ask him which is his favorite :)

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