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WHo Are We

Founded in the spring of 2018, founders Ryan Letterly, Ryan Bakkestuen and Dan Johnson began the concept of Extreme Driftless. The three of us began this journey to show the world that outdoor activities enrich people’s lives and that by having great guides will create a truly unique adventure experience. We know that a day spent out in nature biking, hiking, or fishing is a day well spent. We will help you build new skills and find a new appreciation for the backcountry. We keep our group sizes small so we can provide an excellent service, and a safe and unforgettable experience.

We were lucky to grow up in Vernon county which makes up the majority of the driftless region. The majestic hills and beautiful trout streams ignite our passions, inspire our imaginations, and make our hearts sing. We strive to share the privilege of exploring the Driftless area and open the door to an adventure of a lifetime for you. As a small business, we value the importance of personal connection, self-discovery, and how the joy of the driftless area can add to your life. Whether it is mountain biking, trout fishing, hiking the bluffs, exploring caves, or archaeological rock art we will be able to create a meaningful connection through an incredible driftless experience for you.


We created this business to help our clients reconnect with friends and family. We are more than just Driftless experts, we are educators, athletes, conservationists, mentors, and leaders. Come explore the Driftless with us and let us show you the stream valleys, and rock cliffs that make up the beautiful Driftless area. We aim to deliver to each of our clients the same feelings of exploration, freedom, fun and excitement that we experience as guides. Our purpose is to have our clients walk away with the same passion we feel for the hills and valleys that we call home. Our Driftless roots run deep and we want you to come fall in love with the Driftless too. We always strive to create a special adventure for our clients. We cannot wait to share our knowledge of the Driftless area with you!

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